Use the Transcription Server

Dockerized inference server

Get the hold of our new fully trained models from the latest release! Try out the LAS model for the best performance. Then specify the folder with the model to the runner script as shown underneath.

You can get the docker image from dockerhub under yuriyarabskyy/sonosco-inference:1.0. Just run cd server && ./ yuriyarabskyy/sonosco-inference:1.0 to pull and start the server or optionally build your own image by executing the following commands.

cd server

# Build the docker image

# Run the built image
./ sonosco_server

You can also specify the path to your own models by writing ./ <image_name> <path/to/models>.

Open http://localhost:5000 in Chrome. You should be able to add models for performing transcription by clicking on the plus button. Once the models are added, record your own voice by clicking on the record button. You can replay and transcribe with the corresponding buttons.

You can get pretrained models from the release tab in this repository.

To learn more see Transcription Server